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Why become an AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant?

Work at home

Whether you're a part-time mom or work a 9-5 job, run your business on your time and on your terms. You decide when to work, whether it's part-time or full-time, so you don't have to give up what's important in your life.

Be your own boss

In this opportunity, you determine your level of personal success. Learn step-by-step how to be your own boss and take control of your future. Join our community today and discover your true potential.

Help people save money

To be successful, you have to believe in yourself and in the product you are sharing. Learn more about how Ameriplan has been saving people all across the United States money since 1992 and why thousands believe in us.

You can make $1,000 the first three weeks while building a six-figure residual income.

About AmeriPlan®

AmeriPlan® Corporation... the nation's premier Discount Medical Plan Organization, saving its members hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits since 1992.

AmeriPlan® is the largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type in the country. Our track record of success in providing access to affordable discount healthcare speaks for itself. We know our business.

100,000 + Dental Providers
7,500 + Chiropractic Providers
56,000 + Retail Pharmacies
12,000 + Optical Providers

AmeriPlan® on Good Morning America

Get started in 3 easy steps


Step 1

Take advantage of the AmeriPlan program for immediate savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, Hearing and Chiropractic services. Your Benefit Consultant can walk you through the process.


Step 2

Share your experience with others who are looking to save money on their healthcare services. AmeriPlan provides the tools and resources to help you reach more people at your own pace.


Step 3

Earn residual income from home as a Benefit Consultant. The more you share the opportunity, the more you earn. Learn more about our compensation plan, bonuses, and rewards here.

"The reality of the situation is, we've observed most people living from paycheck to paycheck who need something to help them get through what I call "mediocrity". AmeriPlan has proven to be the vehicle to help so many people go far and beyond just the average. AmeriPlan allows us to live the American Dream. With AmeriPlan you can dream and not be disappointed."

- Jerome Scott

"We have an awesome, awesome team. Our philosophy is to find out what their goals and dreams are and to help them find out what they want from this opportunity."

- Lorene Brown-Watkins

"We have our life back. The time freedom has also changed the relationship I have with my children. It's just been a tremendously positive impact. I'm there for them. I'm there to help them with their homework and I'm there to help them with any school projects and it's just great to be able to do that."

- Janie & Michael Jones

Be a part of our growing community

It is very hard to believe that AmeriPlan as we know it began in 1992. Since our founding, AmeriPlan® USA has helped thousands of families make full time or part time incomes from home.

Our Mission: Provide our community with great opportunities to earn residual income and financial security through the sales of our healthcare discount products and business ventures. Seek to better the lives of the people who work with us as well as in the lives of the customers we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A. In addition to immediate savings on Dental, Vision, Prescription, Hearing and Chiropractic services, our Benefit Consultants have the opportunity to build a work at home business. Some of the many benefits of choosing to partner with AmeriPlan are:

  • Independent Business Ownership
  • Residual Income
  • Freedom To Work From Home
  • Inexpensive Start Up
  • Working With An Established Corp
  • Bonus & Rewards
  • Compensation Plans
  • Team & Customer Support
  • The Ability To Be Your Own Boss

A. AmeriPlan has been building success for over 25 years! Identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom saw the need for a value-oriented discount fee-for-service dental program and founded AmeriPlan Corporation in 1992.

A. Yes. You can see a list of providers for each of our major discount services here:

A. It only costs $30.00 per year to be a Benefit Consultant(BC) with AmeriPlan.

All BC's have a complete corporate staff at their disposal, ready to assist them in promoting and managing their AmeriPlan business. These services include:

  • Application Processing & Membership Fulfillment
  • Bank & Credit Card Services
  • Customer Service
  • Provider Relations
  • Information Technology

All BC's receive:

  • Three(3) E-commerce Enabled Websites - As a Benefit Consultant(BC) with AmeriPlan you receive a total of three personalized websites.
  • BC Back Office - AmeriPlan's BC Back Office is an all-in-one online tool for AmeriPlan BC's. This site has information on your sales organization, commissions, training, forms, events, promotions, email center, and much more.
  • Training Web Site - AmeriPlan provides a training web site and your AmeriPlan E-Kit. This kit includes online tools and resources to jump start you into your AmeriPlan business.

A. There are two ways to become a "commission qualified" Benefit Consultant(BC). To become a "commission qualified" BC, a new BC will need to buy their own personal membership or sell to a customer a Dental Plus, Med Plus or a Combo Membership.

A. No, the prescription card and medical discounts are not insurance. Since it's not insurance, everyone is eligible, and there's no qualification process.

Our History

Our Founders

It is very hard to believe that AmeriPlan as we know it began in 1992. In the early 90's, identical twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom saw the need for a value-oriented discount fee-for-service dental program, and founded AmeriPlan Corporation. The business was an outgrowth of the demand for dental care services.

From the beginning, the demand for the services that AmeriPlan provides strengthened steadily. Soon Dennis and Daniel expanded their vision to include a broad array of high quality, affordable supplemental healthcare plans. To provide greater value to the consumer, they added prescription medication, vision, and chiropractic care to the program, at no additional charge.

Confident that they had assembled the right mix of programs, Dennis and Daniel looked for the most efficient and effective system for bringing them to the public. Through research, trial and error and perseverance, the brothers decided that by using the best features of the network marketing model, they could provide financial opportunity to thousands of people and bring these needed healthcare programs to the public.

Building Success Since 1992

AmeriPlan Corporation under the capable guidance of the Blooms and the staff of professionals that they have assembled, is now positioned as the nations' largest discount fee-for-service dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic program provider. Over the last few years the company has added medical programs to its lineup of services, including telemedicine, hospital advocacy, ancillary medical services, hearing and a host of non-medical products. AmeriPlan® is truly living up to its mission of "Saving America Money... One Household at a Time."

AmeriPlan Corporation and its outstanding field sales force of Benefit Consultants are poised to reach new levels of achievement and growth, both personal and professional.

The AmeriPlan Mission



Provide high quality and affordable dental care, hearing care, telemedicine, ancillary care, hospital advocacy, prescription drugs, vision and chiropractic care to the average American family.



Hold the well-being of our members, BCs, service providers, staff and our company in equal balance. Foster an environment which promotes a spirit of cooperation, self improvement, leadership, and genuine concern for each other.



Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, service and leadership which will earn us the respect and praise of our industry while providing financial stability and independence to those who would earn it.

In the Press

AmeriPlan in the Press

Your Business

"Over the last few months, I've come to discover a corporate culture at AmeriPlan that's different from everywhere else. Sure, there's a teamwork, professionalism and enthusiasm for the direct sales industry. But there's something else about AmeriPlan... well, two things, they are Dennis and Daniel Bloom."

- Deborah K. Heisz, Editor In Chief

Network Marketing

Duplication... it's the Holy Grail of network marketers - and it had Dennis and Daniel Bloom stumped. The two men knew, beyond the shadow of any conceivable doubt, that they had a great product. What's more, they had a great product at a great value, with a huge potential market. But they were facing the duplication hurdle.

- John David Mann, Writer

Dallas Business Journal

Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom knew they had a solid idea. An inexpensive plan that would offer consumers deep discounts on prices for dental work. But the business partners couldn't find a way to market their new plan. They'd tried print advertising, direct mail, telemarketing. Nothing seemed to catch fire. Then the Blooms looked at network marketing, also known as multilevel marketing. This is the strategy that made industry giants of two other Dallas companies, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Excel Communications.

- Rusty Cawley, Staff Writer

AmeriPlan on ABC News - Good Morning America

AmeriPlan reviewed by American Medical Review

Compensation Plan

AmeriPlan Built For Success

AmeriPlan's robust compensation plan for Benefit Consultant (BC) pays a commission on the initial payment (excluding the one time registration fee) on all members you enroll. You will also earn a residual commission for as long as the business is in good standing.

Starting with the rank of Senior Regional Sales Director (SRSD), AmeriPlan's lucrative overrides richly reward qualified Senior BCs who develop new leaders in their downline organization. This plan lets you build a strong residual income that will mean financial freedom for you and your family. We believe it is the best compensation plan in the direct sales industry.

Pin Level Promotions

To be "commission qualified" at each pin level you must have the following:

A Qualified RSD must have a minimum of 5 Deluxe Plus Memberships.

  • SRSD = 1 Qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD).
  • ESD = 1 Qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD) on your first level and 2 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your second level.
  • SESD = 1 Qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD) on your first level, and 2 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your second level, and 3 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your third level.
  • NSD = 1 Qualified Regional Sales Director (RSD) on your first level, and 2 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your second level, and 3 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your third level, and 4 Qualified Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) on your fourth level.

Lucrative Bonuses & Commissions

Awards and Recognition Opportunities

Since awards and recognition are an important part of our industry's culture, let it not be said that AmeriPlan fails to provide numerous opportunities for those who achieve to be recognized and rewarded. We are very pleased and proud to acknowledge effort, performance and achievement from our Benefit Consultants. We know that each and every one of you have different goals and objectives both in what you expect to put into your AmeriPlan business and in turn, what you will get out of it. With that in mind, we have designed the awards and recognition programs to touch Benefit Consultants at every level.

Let's take a look at the current programs in which you might be recognized!

Enroll A:

  • Junior Jump Start Benefit Consultant - $20 Enrollment Commission
  • Special Jump Start Benefit Consultant - $100 Enrollment Bonus
  • Regular Jump Start Benefit Consultant - $200 Enrollment Bonus

Millennium Club

AmeriPlan is very proud of the monetary success that so many of its Benefit Consultants have achieved. We also realize that the journey to a significant six-figure income begins with a lot of effort and dedication and with earning your first dollar.

In recognition of the initial level of achievement, we present a Millennium Club pin to those Benefit Consultants who have embarked on the road to financial freedom with AmeriPlan by earning their first $1,000.00.

As we all know, even the longest journey begins with the first step.

President's Club

On the ultimate journey to financial freedom with AmeriPlan, we have established several recognition and reward benchmarks. While climbing the ladder of success as a Benefit Consultant, a significant milestone is reached when you qualify for “The President's Club”. President's Club pins are awarded at the following income levels, based on earnings in the past twelve months:

The first award level is the $25,000 President's Club, followed by the $50,000 President's Club and finally the $75,000 President's Club. At each level the recipient is awarded a beautiful President's Club pin recognizing that level of accomplishment. These earnings are calculated based on the prior twelve months' earnings.

You are well on your way!

Founder's Club

As you rise to the pinnacle of achievement with AmeriPlan, you continue to be recognized and rewarded for setting the bar ever higher and reaching it. The highest award level for an AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant is the prestigious "Founder's Club". A Founder's Club qualifier is presented a solid gold, jewel encrusted ring signifying their income for the prior twelve months.

The initial Founder's Club ring is presented at $100,000 in annual income, and recognizes that achievement. Enhanced Founder's Club rings are presented at each increment of $100,000 of annual income thereafter. Example: $100,000 then $200,000, $300,000 and so on.

The Founder's Club is where you want to be, not just for the recognition and the lovely ring, but for lifestyle for you and your family that this level of income represents.

The sky is the limit.

Millionaire's Club

Once you have earned a cumulative $1 million in your AmeriPlan business,
you will be recognized and rewarded for this monumental achievement.

See you there!!

Jump Start Bonus Program

Each time you enroll a NEW Benefit Consultant or member you will earn JumpStart Club points and the opportunity to earn additional JumpStart Bonuses.

Points are earned as follows:

• Enroll a Junior JumpStart and earn... 10 JumpStart Points
• Enroll a Special JumpStart and earn... 25 JumpStart Points
• Enroll a Regular JumpStart and earn... 50 JumpStart Points
• Enroll a Dental Plus Member and earn... 10 JumpStart Points
• Enroll a Med Plus and earn... 10 JumpStart Points
• Enroll a Deluxe Plus Member and earn... 40 JumpStart Points

* Achieve a minimum of 100 points in six consecutive calendar months and earn an additional JumpStart Bonus of $500!

* Achieve a minimum of 100 points in each of the next six consecutive calendar months and earn an additional JumpStart Bonus of $1,000!

* Achieve a minimum of 100 points in each of the next six consecutive calendar months and earn an additional JumpStart Bonus of $2,000!

* For additional JumpStart Bonus Points rules, refer to your Back Office.

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About Me

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